THETA PHOTO THETA PHOTO For people who really want to enjoy their trip! Shoot videos and photos completely in 360 degrees in a single shot

As though it was your own world!
What is “Little Planet” that is so popular on SNS?

“I feel that processing standard photos using an app has its limits.” “I want to publish highly original photos that are different from everyone else’s.” “I want to easily take lots of interesting photos.”

If you’ve ever said any of these things then we recommend “Little Planet”, a processing method that makes full use of 360-degree photos taken with RICOH THETA.

It is easy to shoot, process, and then upload photos to SNS. Share your planet of memories and get lots of “Likes”!

What type of camera is THETA?

THETA is a 360-degree camera that records the entire space in high resolution, something that normal cameras cannot do. Photos and videos can be shot easily with a single press of the shutter button, without worrying about the composition or angle of the shot.

The camera is designed to be slim and compact, and is also easy to carry around.

There are many ways to enjoy the camera by using a dedicated app and sharing photos and videos over SNS.

THETA allows you to keep 360-degree memories in a single shot without worrying about the composition

A 360-degree photos shot using RICOH THETA...

Can produce this type of photo using the dedicated app!

How to shoot fun photos, made possible with Little Planet

1. Posing together with friends for shooting

All you have to do is to line up and strike a pose. It’s sure to make you excited looking at such an eccentric photo that appears as though you have the planet at your feet.

2. Shooting a photo with a loved one

A planet that contains a memory of just the two of you. You can create planets with various colors and shapes depending on the scenery so if you shoot lots of photos, you will end up with a series of photos that look like memories of space travel.

3. Challenging your artistic expression

You can produce highly artistic and original photos making full use of the Little Planet process.

Useful THETA functions for shooting events

Remote shooting

You can perform shooting remotely by linking with a smartphone and using it. Live preview is also possible.

Self-timer shooting

You can perform the self-timer shooting using THETA only. This is also useful for shooting with a selfie stick.

Preset mode “Face”

Faces to shoot are automatically recognized and then optimal correction is performed.
* THETA SC2 is equipped with this function.

Recommended accessories


A stick specifically designed to distance the user’s hands from the THETA camera, allowing the user to shoot 360° photos without their fingers interfering with the shot.

JOBY GorillaPod Magnetic

A tripod that can be wrapped around objects, simply placed, or attached to metallic objects. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry around.


A monopod stand specially for the RICOH THETA series. It is designed small to reduce the portion of the camera platform and leg appearing in shot images. It extends to a height of 150 cm and can be stowed to a compact length of 53.5 cm.

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How to enjoy photos and videos shot with THETA

Using a smartphone or computer

Photos and videos can be transferred to a smartphone and computer. You can view a photo or video at any preferred angle by moving it around with complete freedom.

Using a VR headset

You can experience incredible realism that makes you feel as though you are actually in the scene that was shot.

Posting to “”

You can share photos and videos you are proud of with many people in the “” gallery.

Sharing over SNS

You can share 360-degree photos and videos on Instagram. Facebook, LINE, and other popular SNS are also supported.

RICOH THETA ranking recommended for shooting

Recommended No. 1

Four colors available to choose from. Recommended for people who want to quickly enjoy shooting 360-degree photos.

• Beautiful photos and videos can be shot with ease according to the shooting scene.

• The high-quality 4K video is supported.

• Wi-Fi transfer speed is very fast.

Official store price:
36,800 yen (including tax)

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Recommended No. 2

Can produce approximately 23MP/7K images.
The flagship model, pursuing high image quality.

• Ghosting, flare, and fringing are reduced.

• The camera demonstrates superior noise reduction performance even when shooting night views.

• The first of the THETA series to enable images to be saved in RAW (DNG) format.

Official store price:
129,250 yen (including tax)

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