SSI SCHAEFER joins the 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders initiative to raise a voice for sustainable, economical, and future-proof material handling solutions. #ThinkTomorrow.

The 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders initiative is the response from the international business community, which demonstrates the desire, the drive, and the ability to take effective action in the fight against climate change and to meet the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).

The material handling industry is the backbone of almost every sector and provides services that no modern society can do without, enabling sectors to operate both locally and in a global environment. Having a functioning, sustainable material handling and supply chain is one of the success factors for most companies. Resources are finite and need to be used wisely. Given its experience and portfolio of sustainable solutions and innovations, SSI SCHAEFER has been invited to participate in the initiative. The company tagline of "Think Tomorrow.” is certainly fitting.

As a global supplier with a strong local presence, SSI SCHAEFER helps both large corporations and small to medium-sized enterprises innovate and increase efficiency within their logistics processes and supply chains. The objective is to enable these companies to be successful and sustainable long term.

“As one of the leading global providers of material handling solutions, we are an ideal partner for companies that pursue economical, future-oriented and sustainable goals," says Steffen Bersch, CEO of SSI SCHAEFER Group. “We have a broad portfolio of innovative products and solutions, which we combine together for specific needs of each customer."

Some examples are:

  • energy efficiency as well as environmentally friendly operations of warehouses and material flows

  • ecological construction methods

  • short supply chains

  • predictive maintenance

  • healthy working conditions and a cleaner atmosphere

  • less waste and carbon footprint reduction

In order to present in the video above what sustainability means, SSI SCHAEFER has partnered with three clients to showcase various solutions:

1. Sustainable innovation with Infarm (Europe)

2. Resilience against climate change and unpredictable events such as the COVID-19 pandemic with ORCA Cold Chain Solutions (Asia)

3. A digital distribution center including energy-efficient hardware and a smart predictive maintenance software solution with Pepperl+Fuchs (North America)

Following the UN prediction that by 2030 80% of the population will live in cities, along with the expected population growth, the demand for food production will overwhelm our most precious resources: Infarm and SSI SCHAEFER worked together to enable the change from traditional agriculture to automated vertical farming. They have taken on a clear significance to help make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. Compared to traditional farmland, the innovation is up to 400 times more efficient (on 25 m² farmers are able to produce the equivalent of almost 2 acres of farmland), it needs 95% less water, 75% less fertilizer, and no chemical pesticides at all.

Food safety, security, as well as high performance is another area in which SSI SCHAEFER makes a difference. For example, SSI SCHAEFER implemented an energy-efficient but highly automated logistics solution for ORCA Cold Chain Solutions in the Philippines. It faces the industry challenges that up to 37% of the food manufactured globally is lost due to poor packing, poor storage, and poor handling. With the integrated solution, the partners reduced the electricity costs by nearly 35%, minimized  human intervention to ensure integrity of all products and increased accountability with 100% traceability of goods in the facility (i.e. moving up to 4,800 pallets in a single day with SSI SCHAEFER automation solution).

Following an innovative approach and use of technology, SSI SCHAEFER implemented a reliable and future-proof distribution center with approx. 28,000 storage locations for Pepperl+Fuchs . Equipped with energy-efficient hardware and designed to reduce the footprint, the automated solution harnesses the power of Pepperl+Fuchs sensors in conjunction with SSI SCHAEFER logistics software for an innovative and custom predictive maintenance solution.

50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders

Innovation and efficiency in material handling processes

SSI SCHAEFER is playing a key role in facilitating industries and partners that are driving efficiency in tandem with sustainability, finding ways to remain viable and profitable, as they are tackle climate change.

This is just the beginning of this journey. In the coming weeks and months, SSI SCHAEFER will share their sustainable partnerships and activities, sharing its experiences through various channels. The goal is to encourge an active exchange with customers, partners, and interested companies in order to jointly promote the development of sustainable solutions within the material handling industry. Follow SSI SCHAEFER on social media platforms and receive updates on this project and other initiatives in the coming months.


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