A-Frame Picking System


The A-Frame enables rapid processing of complex orders, even under peak loads. It guarantees you the greatest possible productivity and an optimum material flow.

The high flexibility of the configurable product channels is the key feature of the A-Frame. It can be effortlessly integrated into existing systems. Up to 40,000 products, whether cylindrical or rectangular, can be picked per hour. That is why automated picking systems are the preferred solution when automatically pickable products need to be processed with the highest volume.

Key areas in which the A-Frame is utilized:

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Tobacco

  • Cosmetics

  • Office articles

  • Contact lenses

The advantage of the A-frame lies in the fact that refilling and picking are separate processes. During low-load times, the A-Frames are refilled and then perform the picking fully automatically at peak times. For you, this means optimum personnel utilization in the warehouse, low error rates, and a significantly enhanced performance.

Broad spectrum of solutions
We find precisely the right solution for you, oriented on the type and turnover rate of your products in order to perfectly fulfill your requirements. Benefit from our extensive international experience, gained from a vast number of projects together with the benefits of a complete solution from a single source.


  • High productivity at peak times

  • Highly efficient due to the elimination of time-consuming manual picking activities

  • Consistently high quality and reliability, even under peak loads

  • Efficient space utilization due to high product density

  • Easy maintenance and flexible product channels

  • High throughput

  • Minimal errors

  • Easy integration into existing systems

  • Ideal expansion capabilities thanks to modular system

  • Optimum personnel utilization through refilling during periods of low demand and fully automated picking at peak times


Brochure A-Frame EN

Brochure A-Frame EN

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A-Frame single product scanner

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