Finding an Omni-channel Order Fulfillment Solution within the Apparel Trade

Consumer behavior has completely changed the way apparel retailers, wholesalers, and design manufacturers have to do business. What once was an easy feat of building a distribution center to supply multiple storefronts doesn’t scale for omni-channel behavior. An increase in competition has retailers needing a greater variety of styles, sizes, and colors on-hand and ready for consumers—regardless of where or how they shop. E-commerce has completely changed the way consumers do business—and distribution has to match this new demand. With shoppers wanting items delivered fast and directly to their residence or ready for in-store pick-up, normal distribution channels aren’t working. Couple these new demands with high real estate prices and low unemployment, retailers and manufacturers are looking for ways to maximize existing square footage while decreasing the need for labor.

Working with SSI SCHAEFER for Omni-channel Order Fulfillment

Omni-channel distribution doesn’t have to come with constraints. Innovative products and technology from SSI SCHAEFER allow for simplification of distribution and create a systematic approach to omni-channel order fulfillment for the apparel industry. Whether it’s existing square footage or a completely new greenfield construction,  SSI SCHAEFER can work with your team to help find the perfect automation and technology solution.

Smaller to mid-size retailers or wholesalers may need a completely different approach than a large fashion department store. Whatever your situation, an apparel logistics expert from the United States market at SSI SCHAEFER will plan a tailor-made solution for your exact needs. The SSI SCHAEFER family brings years of experience along with the appropriate technology to meet your throughput, labor, storage, and fulfillment requirements.  In addition, SSI SCHAEFER plans for future growth. All engineered SSI SCHAEFER systems are designed to scale. 


  • SSI SCHAEFER is an industry leader with decades of experience. By choosing to collaborate with us, your team will benefit from years of experience and industry expertise.

  • Apparel experts from SSI SCHAEFER understand your business. Our experts are familiar with seasonal change, large SKU quantities, return handling, and the need for reduced labor and space requirements. 

  • With engineered products and paired technology from SSI SCHAEFER, you’ll experience the fastest throughput available.

  • Obtain accurate apparel omni-channel order fulfillment with real-time analytics for both operation management and executives.

  • Our family has a history with providing both large-scale retail and wholesale distribution to small- to mid-size fashion retail and designer solutions.

  • SSI SCHAEFER is an OEM for warehouse automation and material handling industry. 

  • Overhead conveyor technology with RFID-capable carriers

  • Handling of individual articles instead of entire contents

  • Automatic buffering and sequencing

  • Innovative storage systems

  • Auto-guided transport systems

  • Intelligent conveyor systems

  • Automatic and manual picking systems

  • WAMAS® warehouse management suite software solution


SSI SCHAEFER engineered an apparel solution for Finnish store chain Stockmann. The system has a throughput of 55,000 order items with 180,000 individual pieces per day. The shuttle warehouse with 130,500 container spaces for double-deep storage is the heart of the Stockmann system.

Case Study Stockmann

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Automated Guided Vehicle WEASEL®

Case Study NextLevel Logistics

Case Study Stockmann

Case Study Stockmann

Automated guided vehicle by MoTuM

Case Study Longchamp

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From overhead conveyor systems to software for manual, partially-automated and fully automated warehouses.

Software Solutions for your logistics

Logistics Software WAMAS®

Modern distribution center with automated conveyor system from SSI SCHAEFER



Manual order picking of barcodes with RFID scanner



SSI Carrier

Conveying & Transport

Overhead Conveyors


SSI SCHAEFER experts get questions from apparel experts just like you, who want to know more about automation technologies. Feel free to reach out and ask our apparel team, or browse through some of the most commonly asked questions.

Compared to manual picking processes, automation combined with Goods-to-Person picking workstations should provide pick rate improvements up to 1,000 picks per hour while reducing headcount, decreasing pick errors, and improving inventory accuracy.

The SSI SCHAEFER automation systems combined with our award winning WAMAS® software effectively controls the order pool to prioritize last minute orders based on shipping cutoff times. This ensures you're able to meet your customer's needs and keep them returning to your site. 

SSI SCHAEFER offers overhead conveying technologies that take advantage of space below the ceiling for efficient storage and smooth, gentle transporting of Goods-on-Hanger (GOH) articles, flat goods in pouches, shoes, accessories and other similar items.

SSI SCHAEFER has customized solutions to help reduce costs by automating manual processes.  With specially designed workstations for processing returned goods, you’ll increase productivity and, along with the SSI SCHAEFER modular pocket conveyor, you’ll have a highly efficient procedure for short-term storage, buffering and restocking.

Whether you’re seeing an order profile shift now or anticipate it later, dealing with seasonal peaks much higher than average, or have order patterns that change regularly, SSI SCHAEFER designs and installs systems that can grow with your business. This engineering method allows for greater flexibility and provides a more economical choice as your business expands.


Thanks to continuous inventory availability, e-commerce, and fast delivery, the apparel industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years. Trying on clothes in at home, easy returns, and low prices due to hard competition have significantly increased requirements for material handling for both manufacturers and retailers.

Experts for the Fashion Industry

Changes in consumer behavior lead to an ever increasing individualization of intralogistics solutions, as well as complex requirements regarding technologies and the need for efficient processes. SSI SCHAEFER succeeded in meeting these specific challenges thanks to its specialization within the apparel industry.


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Custom Fit: Solutions for the Apparel Industry

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