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C+C Krug

C+C Krug Case Study: The Path to Automation with SSI LOGIMAT® and WEASEL®

The plastic electroplating specialist C+C Krug GmbH took the path to semi-automation of logistics processes together with SSI SCHAEFER. Three SSI LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Modules, two WEASEL® automated guided vehicles, and a short bin conveying system ensure efficient processes between warehouse and production.


C+C Krug achieved considerable time savings in the provision of components

The medium-sized company C+C Krug headquartered in Ottendorf-Okrilla, Saxony, Germany, was founded in 1991 and specializes in plastic electroplating. Sophisticated coating systems are realized from parts construction to sample processing to serial production. C+C Krug produces coating systems for automobile interior and exterior in high gloss as well as customized in matt tones.

Due to sales development growth, the production volume of C+C Krug considerably increased in the past year. The number of projects rose and stock increased because more raw materials had to be available. The existing warehouse could no longer accommodate the necessary stock.

The construction of the new building had several objectives. Main goals included gaining more space for raw material, finding suitable, modern warehouse equipment for a large number of items, and making processes in warehouse and production more efficient – ideally using semi-automation.

SSI SCHAEFER presented the customer with three different logistics concepts, based on a manual, semi-automated, or automated solution. C+C Krug opted for a solution consisting of three SSI LOGIMAT Vertical Lift Modules, a bin and carton conveying system, two WEASEL automated guided vehicles (AGV), and two transfer locations. The warehouse concept has been designed for expansion to be carried out over various construction stages.


Impressions on the partnership with C+C Krug

  • Picking times reduced by 50%.

  • Shortened distances for employees due to high-density storage.

  • Increased efficiency by switching to the goods-to-person principle.

  • Increase the availability speed by 90%.

  • Fast implementation, uncomplicated cooperation.

  • Barrier-free connection of warehouse and production.

  • Flexible use of space and room.

  • Satisfied employees through ergonomic product design.


Fast and uncomplicated project planning and professional implementation

“Only one or two days after my inquiry, I got a call from the responsible sales representative and a week later we scheduled an on-site visit.”

“In total, we look back at a great cooperation with SSI SCHAEFER, communication went extremely well in this cooperation. We plan the next expansion for the near future.”

Christian Krause, Head of Logistics at C+C Krug

Products Featured

LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

Automated guided WEASEL®


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Brochure Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT®

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Brochure LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module Options

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