Conveyor technology for totes

Carton/container conveyors

Efficiently transport cartons and containers

From warehouse automation to production facilities and machine integration: SSI SCHAEFER’s carton and container conveying systems span an exceptionally broad range of applications. Thanks to the intelligent modular concept, there are almost no limits to the system’s scope.

The transport system is a modular conveying system for containers, cartons, trays, and products weighing up to 50 kilograms. The functions include conveying, sorting, merging, and diverting as well as storing and buffering. SSI SCHAEFER’s perfectly coordinated range of conveying system components guarantees you maximum flexibility. Deep-freeze applications down to -28°C are also possible. Whether a new system, expansion or conversion, all of the components can be configured to meet your specific requirements.



  • Suitable for transporting containers, cartons, trays, and products weighing up to 50 kilograms

  • Modular system with a uniform look and standardized connection dimensions

  • Standardized spare parts for driven roller, motorized roller, belt and powered roller conveyors

  • Integrated cable ducts

  • Proven and reliable technology for the highest availability

  • Low-noise operation

  • Simple fault rectification

  • Covered external profiles with touch-friendly plastic profile

  • Ergonomic beveling

  • Wiring, test operation, on-site approval of stations and handling machines

  • Also suitable for deep-freeze usage down to -28°C

  • UL-certified mechanical and electrical components

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