Schäfer Orbiter System

Channel storage systems

Channel storage systems for maximum space usage and low operating costs

Reduce space through optimum usage

Channel storage systems consist of multiple storage positions set behind each other in channels, creating a dense storage medium. The storage is accessed using channel vehicles which put goods into, and remove them from, storage. Compared with pallet racks, dynamic flow racks, automated miniload systems or high bay warehouses, channel storage systems make significantly higher use of the available space. Channel storage systems are utilised wherever the storage space itself needs to be minimized. The channel storage technology is ideal for a small range of items with large volumes such as in the beverage or food industry. This system is also a good choice in environments involving energy-intensive temperature control.

Numerous references worldwide

SSI SCHAEFER has numerous references worldwide for channel storage systems utilized for cooled and deep-freeze goods as well as for storage of goods at normal temperatures.


Benefits at a glance:

  • Highly efficient use of space

  • Compact storage system enables the largest possible quantity of goods to be stored in the smallest possible space (minimizes fixed costs, greater flexibility)

  • Ideal for a small range of items with large volumes

  • Special conveying systems (channel vehicles)

  • Applications: beverage or food industries, for example

  • Suitable for refrigerated and deep-freeze applications: steel constructions can withstand extreme temperatures down to -30°C.


SSI Schaefer Orbiter® System

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