Container Systems by SSI SCHÄFER

Container systems

The comprehensive range of containers and boxes for storage, picking, and transport from SSI SCHAEFER spans more than 2,000 different types, designs, and sizes. You can find the right container type for all of your needs, whether electrical parts, automotive accessories, shipping articles, food or books.

Conveyor technology for totes

Stackable containers with Euro dimensions

Trays with partition


Stackable containers

Folding bins

Nest container

Nested containers

Modular Shelving Systems

Open front containers

Stackable containers

Stackable transport boxes

Shelf bins

Shelving bins

LMB containers on a tray for vertical lift module LogiMat®

Special containers for storage lifts

Custom containers

Special containers

Workstation with semi-open fronted containers with touch panel and pick-by-light

Steel panel containers

R-KLT container with ESD safe EPP foam insert

Euro container KLT

No elements available.

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