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Conveying & Transporting

Conveying and Transporting Solutions

There are many conveying solutions on the market. But which one is best for your application? Learn the ins and outs of warehouse conveyance and get more information on customizable product offerings from SSI SCHAEFER.

An Overview of Conveyance Systems

Conveyor systems are used to transport products through warehousing and shipping facilities. Automated conveyors ensure accuracy, speed, and safety while moving and storing inventory, especially for larger warehouse operations. Moving products quickly and smoothly, warehouse conveyor systems increase order fulfillment speed and decrease product damage, resulting in fewer returns and reshipments. This is particularly beneficial for industries that see high product volume, like e-commerce food, and apparel. However, SSI SCHAEFER offers automated conveyor systems suitable for any industry and for applications in manufacturing too.

SSI SCHAEFER conveyance and transport solutions are also customizable. Crafted by a team of automation experts, SSI SCHAEFER products can be tailored to meet client specifications. Offering more functionality and durability than competitors, customizable conveyance and transport solutions from SSI SCHAEFER optimize the material handling process to increase profitability.

Conveyance Solutions That Meet Specific Needs

SSI SCHAEFER offers a wide range of conveyance product offerings to suit your requirements. An automation expert can guide you through a variety of solutions, ensuring your organization selects products that most benefit your application. Finding the best solution depends on several factors – different industries and operations have diverse criteria for choosing automated systems. Large manufacturing operations may benefit from large load carriers, while overhead conveyor technology best suits applications that transport delicate goods. Factors contributing to product selection include:

  • Amount of available facility space

  • Size and weight of goods

  • Fragility of products

  • Type of procedures and transport paths

  • Temperature range of facilities

Types of Conveyance Systems

Conveyance products from SSI SCHAEFER can handle a diverse range of commercial goods flows to maximize efficiency and economy. Learn how conveyance products from SSI SCHAEFER benefit customers. 

Solutions for Large Load Carriers:

SSI SCHAEFER solutions for large load carriers are highly flexible and connect individual warehouse areas for efficient throughput.

Pallet Conveying Systems:

These solutions are best suited for processes featuring repetitive internal transportation procedures and standard routes. With a modular design and frequency-controlled technology, SSI SCHAEFER pallet conveying systems assist with flexible in-house transport between storage, picking, and shipping. Benefits include a support profile for chain and roller conveyors, modular layout, adaptable conveyor elements, and automated connection to high bay warehouses.

Roll Container Conveyors:

Roll Container Conveyors enhance warehouse systems overall. Conveying systems for roll containers work well with automated storage systems featuring packing and sorting technology. Benefits include low maintenance lifting station, load capacity up to 300 kg / 661 Lbs (includes container), and gentle product transport utilizing tooth belts.

Plastic Link Conveying Systems:

These solutions eliminate conventional load carriers completely, removing the need for pallet return. Plastic link conveying systems are ideal for the transport and distribution of individual goods on conveyors. Benefits include the ability to transport goods up to a width of 1.6  meters / 5.25 feet, operation with and without load carriers, and high flexibility.

Tray Conveying Systems:

Using case conveying technology, tray conveying systems transport and buffer both full and empty trays and roll containers between depalletizing and separation. Tray conveying systems from SSI SCHAEFER are designed for transporting grid trays and integrate with other system components like vertical conveyors and shuttle cars. Benefits include the ability to convey and buffer trays and roll containers up to 200kg /440 Lbs, increased durability reinforced with a special support profile, and gentle product transport with rubber belts.

Small Part Carriers:

SSI SCHAEFER solutions for small part carriers include case conveying systems and carton/container conveying systems specifically designed to transport small to medium items or cases within your organization.

Case Conveying Systems:

Case conveying systems efficiently move containers, cartons, and trays. SSI SCHAEFER case conveying solutions are fully customizable and feature merging, diverting, aligning, and singling. These systems not only transport containers and cartons but are also equipped to move shrink-wrapped packages. Benefits include payload support from up to 25 kg/case or 55 Lbs/case, increased flexibility with modular components, and low noise emissions versus competitors.

Carton/Container Conveyors:

SSI SCHAEFER carton and container conveyors can be integrated with an expansive range of applications. Boasting an intelligent, modular concept, these systems support products weighing up to 50 kg / 110 Lbs. Benefits include deep-freeze capabilities, standardized spare parts, and ergonomic beveling.

Overhead Conveyor Technology:

Overhead conveyors offer the gentlest transport for delicate goods. Traditionally used in the fashion and apparel industry, this technology is now utilized in a broad range of industries. SSI SCHAEFER overhead conveyor products include the SSI Single, SSI Carrier, and SSI mover. Benefits include efficient use of space, light elements for rapid assembly, and easy maintenance requiring little training for employees.

Related Products

In addition to an array of conveyance and transport solutions, SSI SCHAEFER offers a full stack of complementary automated solutions. All automation products are powered by software that dictates how the equipment functions.

WAMAS Warehouse Management Software Suite from SSI SCHAEFER ensures the efficiency and accuracy of automation systems. WAMAS is an efficient, flexible, and reliable management suite that can integrate with existing operations to control the flow of internal materials quickly and accurately.

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