Depalletizing Robot at Schaeffler

Depalletizing and Palletizing with Robots

Economic considerations and ergonomic requirements, including the ones imposed by lawmakers, lead more and more to the use of robots for depalletizing in layer picking and to the combination of depalletizing and palletizing in one work step.

Fully automatic systems for palletizing and depalletizing are efficient solutions for the realization of continuously automatic process chains.
They ensure constant performance independent of external parameters.

During order picking, factors such as the size and weight of products, as well as ambient conditions, influence the palletizing and depalletizing processes. Here, robotics applications for layer picking and case picking ensure efficient processes.

We advise our customers on the selection of available technologies and implement the most suitable solution.

The following robot technologies are increasingly used in intralogistics:

  • Articulated arm robots

  • Different types of gantry robots

We integrate robotics solutions for the piece or layer depalletizing and palletizing of bins, cartons or beverage crates into your overall system.

The high-performance cameras, coupled with the WAMAS® Vision module, ensure that products are recognized perfectly. Thanks to this innovative optical control, additional systems for identification, for example with barcodes or transponders, are not required.


Robot technology is a key element of the Schaefer Case Picking (SCP) system. The robots are utilized for layered depalletizing. The combination of three proven gripper technologies (vacuum multi-grip, vacuum-chamber, and mechanical clamping) guarantees that the depalletizing process is highly dynamic and functions reliably while also handling the product gently. Furthermore, they are also utilized for palletizing mixed pallets when supplying branches, for example.

SSI SCHAEFER offers a broad portfolio of depalletizing and palletizing robotics systems. These can be precisely tailored to the industry’s specific requirements.

Retail: Layered palletizing (rainbow palletizing)

Beverage: Carton palletizing, tower picking

Retail, Automotive, 3PL: Container palletizing

Automotive: Container (KLT) depalletizing  

The parameters of all palletizing and depalletizing tasks can be precisely configured to your individual requirements. Articulated arm and portal robots can be utilized, depending on the warehouse organization.

In addition, the automated processes guarantee that robotics can be integrated into the system without any problems.

However, full automation does not represent the optimum solution for every user. That is why we also offer solutions for scalable automation and successive mechanization. The use of technology and automation needs to demonstrate sound judgment. For this reason, we also provides users in this field with a comprehensive range of highly flexible, ergonomic, and innovative partial automation solutions and work stations.

Optimizing the human-machine interface in areas, in which the article ranges or processes make human interaction essential, requires an expert analysis of all procedures and conditions. Work processes and working environments need to be flexibly adapted to employees themselves. Furthermore, this approach can also contribute to reducing physical strain.

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