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Integrated solutions are becoming essential for the material flow between storage and production. These solutions encompass manual, semi-automated and fully automated processes.

The incoming goods department registers, buffers, picks and delivers raw materials and production resources to the production facility or assembly line using just-in-time or just-in-sequence processes. The finished products then need to be delivered to the dispatch department in the correct sequence and prepared for transport. On top of all of these requirements, the products themselves need to be traceable throughout the entire delivery chain.

Solutions from SSI SCHAEFER:

IT plays a central role. SSI SCHAEFER develops the right solution for utilizing SAP or our WAMAS® software. These solutions cover the complete spectrum from warehouse management to material flow control. Your key performance indicators are displayed on dashboards, enabling you to easily and efficiently optimize your system.


  • Automotive: Special solutions for automating the production and assembly supply using just-in-time and just-in-sequence processes.

  • Chemical industry: Storage of dangerous substances on pallets and transport in various temperature ranges subject to specific regulations and laws.

  • Pulp and Paper: Heavy-duty loads and large volumes

  • Electronics: Special environmental requirements

  • Mechanical engineering: Complex processes and demanding workplace designs.

SSI SCHAEFER developed an innovative material flow concept for a highly dynamic and sequenced production supply for a logistics center in the Czech city of Ostrava. Supported by a precisely tailored SAP EWM system, this logistics center is now a key resource for the Brose Group, the world’s fifth largest and family-owned automotive supplier. Other elements of the solution: High bay warehouse, automated miniload system, conveyor systems, robots, tugger trains.

Market Sector Industry Case Studies

Integrated material flow solutions for production storage and warehouses.

External view of the warehouse of Klingspor

Case Study Klingspor

european distribution center in kitzingen

On the fast track

Tugger train

Case Study Brose

Modular shelving

Case Study Karl Storz

No elements available.


A modular system for storing, conveying, picking, transporting and software.

Modular shelving

Small Load Carriers

Small Parts Store

SSI Exyz

Storage Systems

Industry solutions 4.0

Pallet racks

Container Systems by SSI SCHÄFER

Small Load Carriers

Container systems

Manual order picking of barcodes with RFID scanner



Automated Guided Vehicles at SSI Schaefer

Conveying & Transport

Automated Guided Vehicles

Work Station


Work Stations

Dreamwarehouse Signet Magic Quadrant 2021

Logistics Software WAMAS®


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