Longspan racking system

Long-span shelvings

Efficient storage of bulky goods

Storage and picking are becoming increasingly complex due to the growing diversity of the products. SSI SCHAEFER’s long-span shelvings are the ideal solution wherever the extremely high load capacity of pallet racks is not required. The long-span shelvings from                          SSI SCHAEFER can be effortlessly configured to your specific requirements. They optimize your storage system, providing plenty of space with a small footprint. Due to their extensive space, they are especially recommended for storing bulky goods.

Numerous designs for diverse requirements

SSI SCHAEFER’s flexible long-span rack systems fulfill your storage goods, location, and space requirements. The frame construction with supporting profiles with four heights and four depths along with three different crossbeam types with four lengths allow you to freely configure the rack fields. Standardized elements enable multi-level constructions along with racking platforms.


  • Efficient storage of bulky goods

  • Optimized storage system

  • Extensive storage space within a small footprint

  • High load capacity of up to 3,500 kg per frame

  • Design system: 4 field lengths, 4 rack depths, various construction heights

  • Multi-level rack systems with racking platforms are available upon request

  • 50:50 mm or 53:53 mm system hole patterns

  • Comprehensive range of accessories

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