Pick to Light

Pick by Light and Put to Light

Pick by Light is a picking system with signal lamps on product storage locations

Pick by Light is a semi-automated, manual picking system. With the use of Pick by Light, conveyor systems, and our proven material flow control software WAMAS®, you not only optimize your picking processes but you can also significantly reduce your logistics costs at the same time. The software is parameterizable and can be easily configured to match your requirements. It can be used in combination with SSI SCHAEFER software systems and also as a separate picking system within an existing warehouse management system.

The Pick by Light system from SSI SCHAEFER enables you to almost entirely eliminate picking errors. Every storage compartment features a signal lamp with a display and at least one acknowledgment button. When the picking container reaches the picking location, the lamp illuminates to show employees the correct compartment to pick from and the display indicates the correct number of articles to be removed. The removal is then confirmed with an acknowledgment button.

There are three general systems:

  • Pick by Light: one pick face and one illuminated acknowledgment button per picking location

  • Pick by Light Basic: one illuminated acknowledgment button per picking location, one central display (Pick face) for multiple picking locations

  • Put to Light: uses the Pick by Light principle. However, the specified quantity is not picked from the location displayed but rather the specified number of item pieces are placed in this location.


The Pick by Light system consists of the following components:

  • Control computer with an interface to the higher-level system (host, WMS, etc.)

  • Line controller (the quantity depends on the system size)

  • One pick face per storage location

A pick face consists of the display and control unit. This provides the employee with information about the quantity. The employee can acknowledge the completed picking procedure via the illuminated acknowledgment button. Two quantity correction buttons enable the employee to correct the removal quantity during the packing process in accordance with the actual quantity available.

The Pick by Light system can be easily integrated into existing or planned picking processes and strategies. The system is especially designed for use in shelving and carton live storage systems and pallet racking.

  • Paperless picking

  • Easy and safe operation

  • Reliable user guidance and increased picking quality in comparison to picking with order lists

  • Flexible order processing and exact stock management

  • Stock control through inventory function

  • Short picking paths

  • U-shaped layout to optimize picking performance

  • Maximum delivery reliability

  • Stock control through inventory function

  • The highest possible availability through hardware self-checks

  • Transparent order tracking

  • Easy maintenance

  • Brief introductory training in the easy, clear system


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