Pick by Voice

Pick by Voice

Paperless picking for better performance and profitability

Pick by Voice is a picking solution that enables your employees to control the picking process using spoken commands. Acoustic feedback confirms the correct picking and enables the quantity to be corrected. As a result, employees only need to use their hands for the picking itself.

This enhances both the accuracy and the speed of the picking process.

SSI SCHAEFER’s picking system is exceptionally user-friendly and easy for employees to learn. This enables you to implement the Pick by Voice solution without having to provide extensive training. Employees no longer work with printed picking lists or remote data terminals. Instead, they use a wired or wireless Bluetooth headset. In addition, the employees can also enter information or make changes via spoken commands.



The SSI SCHAEFER Pick by Voice system enables you to directly link the picking operation with your warehouse management and deploy multiple employees at the same storage location simultaneously.

Pick by Voice is suitable for a broad array of applications:

  • Incoming goods registration

  • Picking

  • Inventory

  • Stacker transport

  • Loading checks

Picking performance can be increased by up to 20% in comparison to pure wireless data solutions. In addition, the Pick by Voice system from SSI SCHAEFER can also be combined with a barcode scanner or screen input for even better performance.

  • Paperless picking system

  • Voice control

  • Hands free in the warehouse

  • Enables multiple simultaneous picking processes

  • Picking process directly linked with the warehouse management

  • Easy and rapid implementation

  • Enables flexibility in number of operators

  • Can be easily adapted to the required picking performance to compensate for seasonal fluctuations

  • Can be combined with a barcode scanner and screen input

  • Up to 20% better performance in comparison to wireless data

  • Scalable and cost-effective solution


Pick by voice solution at NETTO

Pick by Voice for paperless, voice-controlled picking

SSI SCHAEFER has implemented a state of the art pick by voice method for order picking at Netto. The storage system Ant directly provides the employee with precise instructions via a head set. The instructions tell which goods should be picked, where and in which quantity.

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