Pick to bucket

Pick to Bucket

Pick to Bucket is fast, safe, and gentle on the products

The ergonomic Pick to Bucket goods-to-person work station system from SSI SCHAEFER enables rapid picking. This system can process 14 orders simultaneously, allowing up to 1,000 picks per hour.
The Pick to Bucket work station from SSI SCHAEFER is designed for the high performance picking of droppable articles combined with the gentlest possible handling. The goods-to-person system retrieves the stored articles using plastic containers.

The storage container are delivered via the conveying section and are then stopped centrally. The removal location (with up to 8 locations per storage container) is indicated by container location lights. A central display shows the picker the quantity to remove. The picker removes the articles and places them in the corresponding bucket.

The delivery is assisted by a Put to Light system. Once the order is complete, the bucket containing the pre-picked goods is opened and the articles fall onto a central collection conveyor. This conveyor transports the articles to an automatic filling point.


SSI SCHAEFER goods-to-person work stations are designed with a clear focus on ergonomics. This approach prompted the development of the ergonomics@work!® concept. Pick to Bucket reduces the demands on your employees at the work station. The 14 buckets have a high volume of 8 L per bucket. This enables an entire order to be filled into a single bucket. A carefully designed “top to bottom” movement sequence makes the work less strenuous. Contact surfaces are made of touch-friendly wood applications instead of cold metal, further contributing to the ergonomics. Every individual bucket has a light grid to prevent incorrect additions.

  • Based on the goods-to-person principle

  • Can process up to 14 orders simultaneously

  • The highest picking quality, errors reduced to almost zero

  • Increased performance by a factor of 10 in comparison to conventional picking

  • Order can be picked in one or multiple buckets

  • Performance of up to 1,000 picks per hour

  • Gentle product handling

  • A central filling point eliminates container handling

  • Light barrier monitoring prevents incorrect additions

  • Ergonomically optimized

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