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Pick to Tote

The Pick to Tote goods-to-person system creates high-performance, ergonomically-optimized work stations

Fast, gentle, ergonomic: SSI SCHAEFER’s Pick to Tote goods-to-person work station system accelerates slow-moving unit picking. Benefit from a picking performance of up to 1,000 units per hour together with an optimum material flow. Pick to Tote enables you to pick directly to order containers and cartons.

Efficient goods-to-person picking

The ergonomic Pick to Tote solution from SSI SCHAEFER has been specifically developed for this task and makes goods-to-person picking highly efficient. Pick to Tote can be connected directly to your automated warehouse system.

Clear user guidance and insertion monitoring via light barriers at the target points guarantee the highest picking quality. Optional functions include applications for efficient storage consolidation and inventory management.

Higher productivity thanks to ergonomics@work!®

Our ergonomics@work!®  concept is another unique feature of our Pick to Tote work station. A carefully designed “top to bottom” movement sequence makes the work less strenuous. Contact surfaces are made of touch-friendly wooden components cladding the cold metal, enhancing the ergonomics.


  • Based on the goods-to-person principle

  • The highest picking quality, errors reduced to almost zero

  • Increases picking performance by a factor of 10 in comparison to conventional picking

  • Performance of up to 1,000 picks per hour

  • The gentlest handling of your products

  • Light barrier monitoring prevents incorrect additions

  • Picking directly to the order container

  • Ergonomically optimized


Brochure Pick to tote compact

Brochure Pick to tote compact

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