Roller Converyors

Roll container conveyors

Integrate SSI SCHAEFER’s roll container conveying systems to enhance the efficiency of your entire system. Our systems are the ideal solution for roll container storage and transfer.

Benefit from significantly enhanced throughput. Conveying systems for roll containers are especially important when connected to automated storage systems utilizing packing and sorting technology such as the Schäfer Case Picking (SCP) system. Combined with direct and automated loading or packing, SSI SCHAEFER’s roll container conveying systems eliminate any additional activity that could be added to your operation.

Customized system design

As with all conveying system products, SSI SCHAEFER places great value in the   quality and compatibility of its roll container conveying system components. This enables us to help you ensure that your processes are efficient and your overall system functions smoothly. SSI SCHAEFER’s conveying system components and extensive accessories provide you with a system that is designed to suit your individual business needs.


Enable high automation for high throughput

  • Low-maintenance lifting station

  • Load capacity of up to 300 kg (including the roll container)

  • Gentle product transport through the use of tooth belts

  • In-house production guarantees consistently high quality

  • Easy installation, ease of maintenance

  • Ongoing development and updates to components

  • Temperature range of -28° to +45°C (without condensation)