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Enterprise solutions are the integrated solution for your supply chain

The Enterprise Solution division of SSI SCHAEFER provides and maintains logistics management tools for warehousing transport and enterprise resource management. In other words, the focus is on the integrated and sustainable fulfillment of your customers’ requests.

Enterprise solutions from SSI SCHAEFER is the development of the entire supply chain operation, encompassing end to end logistics processes and sales channels. This includes cross-channel planning, scheduling and management of the logistics as part of a flexible warehouse management system.

Are your goals

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Focus on the customer

During the transformation we support you and provide you with comprehensive support. We draw on our in-depth logistics and process expertise gained from numerous customer installations and adapt them to your organization.

SSI SCHAEFER has the goal of providing one standardized logistics platform, which covers all sales channels. This solution connects cross-channel planning, scheduling and management of the logistics operations as part of a flexible warehouse management system.


E-commerce and the resulting transformation from the seller market to a buyers’ market are responsible for enormous growth and enormous changes within the intralogistics industry. The consequences are customized production, rising customer expectations, ever shorter product life cycles and rapidly changing product worlds and collections. Smaller order quantities with higher order frequencies create new challenges for intralogistics systems when fulfilling the customers’ individual requirements.

In order to adapt to the market situation, enterprises require a standardized logistics platform which is capable of handling all of the marketing channels. This includes planning, scheduling and controlling logistics within a flexible warehouse management system that also spans the sales channels.

Logistics software is of exceptional strategic importance during these times of transformation. IT plays a key role in the intelligent networking of material flows and processes. Companies are no longer searching for simple software modules but rather system solutions that are capable of handling specific requirements.

The changing logistical tasks and increasing complexity within warehouses also creates greater demands on the coordination between the individual fulfillment sub-processes.

A higher-level management system has become essential for optimizing, steering and monitoring all of the data and resource flows within the supply chain in order to clearly track all relevant goods movements and bookings.

All of the orders, data, stocks and stock changes, execution instances and status of every party involved is linked in real time. This enables enterprises to actively maintain complete control of the supply chain. This means that the logistics software must be understood as a complete solution. This enables the system to be operated with the highest efficiency while simultaneously eliminating possible interface problems.

The WAMAS® software suite is a key feature of SSI SCHAEFER and is a new software solution that more than fulfills these needs. The WAMAS® logistics software from SSI SCHAEFER reliably safeguards the vertical integration of all logistics components, offering customers a complete, high-performance system.


The perfect answer to all logistics demands.


Using WAMAS® – THE logistics software – SSI SCHAEFER designs you a more efficient warehouse, from warehouse management and right through to the control system, regardless of whether a manual or highly complex automated logistics system is concerned.

In addition to highly advanced processes, WAMAS® is the perfect answer to all logistics demands, providing a comprehensive portfolio of features ranging from warehouse management to transparent monitoring and control functions, as well as interfaces to the broadest range of ERP systems.

The functionalities of the WAMAS® logistics software are not confined to storing and administering goods: WAMAS® manages and controls all of the processes involved in intralogistics. Executing jobs efficiently and flexibly, optimizing goods movements and resources, and providing and analyzing logistics KPIs are only a few of the functionalities offered by the extensive WAMAS® portfolio.

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Software Solutions for your logistics

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The right solution for every industry. SSI SCHAEFER’s expertise combines specific know-how with extensive experience to deliver tailored solutions.

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Expertise for every sector. The expertise of SSI SCHAEFER: specialist know-how and many years of experience in producing customized solutions.

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