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SSI SCHAEFER Embraces a Flexible and Sustainable Work Schedule

CHARLOTTE, NC, August 31, 2022 - SSI SCHAEFER, a leader in automated material handling solutions, announced today that they are officially moving towards a flexible remote work schedule. The new Flexi Sched program, named after the familiar SSI Flexi robotic shuttle that stores and retrieves various sizes of trays, boxes, and totes of goods for both manufacturers and retailers, will include a blend of both completely remote and partial hybrid employees. For those positions that must be in the office to do specific tasks such as warehouse, resident maintenance, and other customer service positions, those team members will still be onsite. Both hybrid and remote associates will utilize technology to continue to work within their team environment and to meet established key performance indicators.

“We have been working in a hybrid work model since the beginning of the pandemic,” stated Rita Sjoberg, Vice President of Human Resources and Safety for North America. “For our organization, it works and we’re a large technology firm, so it is an easy transition. We also surveyed our team to see which work model they preferred. Hands down, flexible scheduling was the clear winner. However, we still need to continue to meet our business goals and key performance indicators (KPIs), which will be measured monthly. For two years, we’ve continued to grow and are still looking for software developers, mechatronics, and controls support engineers. The Flexi Sched will enable us to grow without geographical constraints,” continued Sjoberg.

Given the shift to a mostly remote and hybrid organization, the company announced that it will look to condense its current real estate footprint by moving several satellite offices to flexible office accommodations that are closer to customers and additional workforce members. Employees who are in current office buildings will continue to work within those geographical areas but will work remote or locate into smaller leased office spaces when or if needed. “It just doesn’t make sense to keep office space when no one is using it,” says Art Kostaras, SVP and CEO of North America Region. “We pride ourselves by being a sustainable company and keeping a facility up and running with utilities isn’t a sustainable approach when only a few people are using them. Furthermore, the new Flexi Sched model will help remove CO2 emissions from team member vehicles from both morning and afternoon commutes and lessen our overall carbon footprint. We’re serious about building a company that is sustainable, family-friendly, and futuristic with the latest technology. We want our team to be proud of the programs and the work that we’re doing, and this is another program that does just that,” stated Kostaras.

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Schaefer Systems International, Inc. provides storage, materials handling, robotic, warehouse management software, and autonomous driverless solutions to businesses throughout North America. Schaefer Systems International, Inc. consults, designs, and manufactures innovative intralogistics storage and picking solutions for all types of industries. Schaefer Systems International, Inc. is part of the SSI SCHAEFER Group, a global leader in logistics and materials handling, which was founded in 1937 with offices in over 70 countries, 7 manufacturing facilities, and employees over 9,000.

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