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A diverse spectrum of social and technological developments will shape the future of intralogistics. As a key element of the value chain and one becoming increasingly reliant on digitalization, intralogistics has to address today’s challenges. Far more than that, it needs to stay one step ahead. That is why many experts describe logistics as setting the pace of the fourth industrial revolution.
On the following pages we present an array of trends and innovations that everyone involved with intralogistics needs to know.

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Library and education storage solutions. Get more high-density storage per square foot with audit controls from SSI SCHAEFER storage solutions.

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A New Normal for CPG after COVID-19

In January, few could have predicted the economic impact of the evolving coronavirus pandemic. By March 2020, grocery stores were struggling to keep consumer packaged goods (CPGs), such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes, stocked on shelves. As COVID-19 gripped the global economy, food and beverages were scarce and consumers shifted to online shopping for staple items.

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Leveraging Small Automated Guided Vehicles for Big Payback

Planning a new automation system or an expansion might feel like a big task. However, did you know that one of your best solutions could also be one of the smallest? Let’s talk about how small automated guided vehicles (AGVs) might give more value than anticipated.

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Cyber November and the 2020 Holiday Season

Retailers respond to the coronavirus pandemic by spreading deep discounts throughout the month of November.

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How a Pandemic is Increasing the Need for Cold Chain Storage

Even before COVID-19, the frozen food market was growing. Since the pandemic, that market is expected to reach $387 billion by 2025.

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Industry 4.0

In simple terms, Industry 4.0 refers to nothing other than optimizing the entire value chain during the life-cycle of a product through digitalization and networking.



What are the technological effects? Trend researchers have differing answers. We have compiled a number of forecasts from leading trend experts for you.

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How Automation Helps with Labor Constraints

Automation can give companies an edge when it comes to warehouse distribution. As new distribution centers are built or existing facilities facing retrofit, it only makes sense to explore what automation can do to offset costs and streamline material handling processes.


Achieving Success in E-Commerce

Every business is different, but achieving success in a click-to-ship retail business can be tough. To achieve true differentiation, retailers must keep customers satisfied. Increasing order fulfillment, order accuracy, and reduced labor can give you a competitive edge. That’s where SSI SCHAEFER can help.

COVID-19 Vaccine

Solution for COVID-19 Vaccine Storage and Distribution

To successfully bring an approved vaccine to the populace, it will require a pharmaceutical cold chain capable of unprecedented storage, fulfillment, and distribution potential. It will take many third-party distribution teams and companies like SSI SCHAEFER, a world leader in cold chain equipment.

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Expand Your Apparel Omnichannel with an E-commerce DTC Strategy

Fashion brands use e-commerce direct-to-consumer models to streamline fulfillment processes and capture profits as customers adapt to a new retail environment.


Cold Storage and Warehouse Automation

Cold storage market expands as e-commerce adoption grows. Build your next-level high bay warehouse cold storage facility using the latest ASRS automation.

Vertical Lift Module LogiMat®

Looking for a Low Cost AS/RS Solution? Meet the Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

Some companies benefit more from a smaller, semi-automated storage solution. Thankfully, there are automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) solutions of all types of applications. A vertical lift module (VLM) like the SSI LOGIMAT® by SSI SCHAEFER is an ideal low cost, entry level ASRS solution.

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Retailers Drop Anchor on Distribution Center Conversion Trend

As e-commerce surges, retailers focus on fast, residential delivery with retail-to-distribution center conversion. Empty shopping mall anchor stores serve as prime commercial real estate to shorten last-mile delivery and build upon omnichannel distribution offerings.

Pallet racks

Spring Clean Your Inventory with Shelving and Bins

Spring is finally here! After a long winter, it’s also time for spring cleaning. Learn how to optimize storage space in your warehouse using shelving and container bins. Use this guide to organize your inventory to increase efficiency and reduce errors.

Software Solutions for your logistics

Automated Storage and Retrieval for SKU Proliferation

Find the perfect ASRS solution for SKU proliferation for just-in-time distribution and streamline operation fulfillment costs while keeping profits.

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Custom Solutions for the Wine and Spirits Industry

The wine and spirits industry is undergoing a transformation as omnichannel e-commerce takes hold and distribution centers adjust to new order structures and fulfillment strategies.

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Cold Chain CPG Manufacturers Benefitting From Omnichannel

With many cold chain CPG companies encountering severe supply shortages during the initial months of the coronavirus pandemic, now is the time to capitalize on omnichannel trends. To ensure supply where and when it’s needed—regardless of retail channel—a hub and spoke distribution model can benefit cold chain CPG manufacturers on several fronts.

High Bay Warehouse

Localizing the New Cold Chain Distribution Center

As COVID-19 spread throughout North America, one thing became clear — this was a supply chain disruptor in every sense of the word. While industry innovations like localization and micro-fulfillment were long discussed as the future for cold chain technologies, nobody would have guessed that the future was now.

Grocery Store Aisle

E-commerce Propels Pet Food Omnichannel Fulfillment

An increase in online pet food sales drives the need for omnichannel distribution for both manufactures and retailers as Fido quarantines with the family.

E-Commerce Apparel

How a Pandemic Increased E-Commerce Apparel Sales

The COVID-19 pandemic left the apparel industry reeling as stay-at-home orders drastically decreased brick-and-mortar retail sales. To mitigate losses, many brands began focusing on e-commerce purchases as consumers began to shop from home. Learn how apparel retailers switched strategies to thrive amidst a pandemic and gain more information on the supply chain technology necessary to stay competitive in today's "new normal."

Cold Chain Ice Cream

Ice Cream Industry Keeps its Cool with Automation and Cold Storage

Today’s swiftly changing supply chain landscape creates the perfect storm for cold chain expansion. Frozen food delivery was gaining popularity even before the pandemic. Now, even higher consumer expectations necessitate seamless cold chain processes from businesses and logistics partners in the ice cream market. Join us for a look into how cold chain storage and automation partner together to deliver America's favorite dessert to consumers.

Kitting in Cosmetics Industry

Beauty Subscription Boxes Benefit from Fulfillment Automation

Convenience continues to reign supreme in the minds of consumers. With beauty subscription boxes gaining popularity, learn how kitting helps players in the cosmetics industry quickly fulfill orders and stay competitive.

Just in Time Fashion

Using Automation in JIT Processes

A new trend is taking the garment market by storm — it’s called just-in-time (JIT), and it’s a proven production tactic across many market sectors. By implementing JIT processes in the apparel industry, key players are changing how both high-end and low-end brands approach their manufacturing and distribution.

Mobile Racking

Choose a Storage Solution that Fits the Warehouse Profile

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing a storage solution. Depending on the warehouse and inventory profile, multiple storage technologies may be required. Learn how to operate your warehouse at its optimal capacity and efficiency with proper storage solutions.

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Food Safety & Transparency: Track & Trace from Farm to Table

What’s for dinner? Once a simple question, it has grown in complexity over the years for one main reason — people want to know what exactly they are feeding their families. There have been many shifts in how we think about food, which have been driven by health consciousness, green practices, and foodie culture. This has resulted in a rise in popularity of farm-to-table practices.

E-Commerce Pharmaceuticals in a Box

E-commerce Driving Compliance and Innovation in Pharmaceutical Distribution

The rise in mail order and online pharmacies presents a challenge and an opportunity for pharmaceutical distributors. Automation provides the solutions to fulfill growing customer orders while offering compliance with a looming deadline for the Drug Supply Chain Security Act.

Eyewear Fulfillment Market Growing due to e-commerce

Latest Craze in Eyecare Fashion Fulfillment

Given the convenience of purchasing online, eyewear is now one of the fastest growing fashion trends with roots in healthcare. The market is expected to grow too with an annual CAGR of 8.5% each year throughout 2028 according to Grand View Research. This is good news since colored contact lenses and spectacular frames will continue to reign as the latest looks in fashion accessories. However, with this new growth comes the inherent how to deal with storage and distribution for these catwalk looks.

High-bay warehouse with storage Vinamilk

Automation maintains optimal temperatures for product and employees

Facing a deflated labor market and rising costs, cold storage warehouses are using efficient automation to keep up. Dense storage and happy employees are essential to success as the cold chain climate keeps changing.

Hair color

Omnichannel Fulfillment Holds Colorful Future for Hair Dye Brands

Like many industries, the coronavirus pandemic altered the business models of hair color companies. Relying heavily on direct-to-consumer e-commerce, hair dye brands refocused their consumer strategies to attract existing and new customers. The acceleration of e-commerce adoption provides hair color brands an opportunity to invest in warehouse automation to effectively scale for current and future fulfillment requirements.

Spurred by E-commerce Growth, Warehouse Storage Demand Thrives

Spurred by E-commerce Growth, Warehouse Storage Demand Thrives

As a new wave of COVID-19 sweeps across the world with the omicron variant, and other variants surely to follow, supply chains continue to struggle with balancing supply and demand. Thriving e-commerce coupled with port congestions, labor shortages, and infrastructure challenges are adding to retailer and consumer woes. What is the answer?

Track and Trace with a Modernized Pharma Warehouse

Track and Trace with a Modernized Pharma Warehouse

As pharmaceutical manufacturers consider reshoring overseas operations, many are focused on modernizing their warehouse processes with automation and Industry 4.0 technologies to meet security and regulatory demands of the industry.

Accurate Pharmaceutical Distribution

Accurate Pharmaceutical Distribution

Pharmaceutical distribution has many industry challenges but no room for error. Read more about how automation can help pharma distribution for accurate order free picking and enable track-and-trace solutions for DSCSA.

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