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Warehouse Consulting & General Contracting

Leverage over 80 years of warehouse planning and design.

Whether you’re planning a manual warehouse or a large complex distribution facility, SSI SCHAEFER can collaborate on design, workflow processes layout, storage equipment, or automated storage and retrieval.

The SSI SCHAEFER team of experts designs and has also constructed some of the largest warehouse distribution centers in the world. We can work with you on your project too. Here in North America, SSI SCHAEFER partners with architects, engineering firms, and general contractors to make projects successful and future-proof.

Our team will work with you from the initial planning phase all the way to implementation, testing, and start-up. Plus, we have experienced project management teams that manage your project from planning to completion.

Optimizing for Today but Retrofitting for Tomorrow and Beyond

Change happens and so do business needs. SSI SCHAEFER provides consultation on retrofits, upgrades, and modernization efforts for projects contracted by general contractors or directly with companies with existing facilities. To keep supply chain operations and fulfillment optimized and flowing as efficiently as possible, SSI SCHAEFER can consult or perform an engineering study to see how to optimize product flow and increase throughput.

Whether you’re thinking about implementing a fully automated storage and retrieval solution or adding semi-automation to help with new processes, our team of engineering experts can help.  Planning for an expansion can have greater complexity than a new greenfield project, and SSI SCHAEFER can partner on both.

We understand that business needs change, acquisitions happen, and new products are introduced every day. With this change, comes the need to update, add processes, increase throughputs, and most of the time, this needs to happen with less labor due to the tight market conditions. Contact our team today and let’s see how we can optimize your facility.

Our Experts work with General and Specialized Contractors as well as Consultants.

Distribution center construction is completely different from regular commercial construction builds. Layer on top the need to have specialized requirements for various supply chains, cold storage, and other concrete constraints can bring complex requirements quickly. Special requirements for certain applications are needed when it comes to ASRS equipment. Even certain racking systems have special needs, so it's easy to see that building a distribution center or fulfillment facility isn't as easy as one might think.

Most people think of distribution centers as large industrial buildings with a few bays for shipping and some pallet racks inside. People have the vision of product getting placed inside on shelving and everything is ready to distribute to the consumer. This is so far from reality.

There is a lot more that goes into planning for warehouse construction. SSI SCHAEFER can help make every square foot count within your clients' fulfillment center.

Our Experts work with general and specialized contractors as well as consultants. Give our team a call today and let's get started with your project. We're looking forward to being your long-term partner.