SSI SCHAEFER is the industry leader in waste technology products. Offering a wide range of residential, commercial, and specialty waste carts, we have been serving customers for over three decades. Learn how we can create a solution for your organization at

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When selecting a cart provider, choose an industry leader. For over 40 years, SSI SCHAEFER has provided municipalities, government agencies, and private haulers with a complete line of quality products, innovative solutions, and on-time delivery.
At SSI SCHAEFER, you’ll find quality in every waste product we manufacture. Plus, each residential waste and recycling cart comes with a 10-year warranty. SCHAEFER utilizes injection molding process, which means that you’ll get the same consistent quality and exact product every time.
Our products include commercial and residential waste and recycling carts, medical waste carts, and document security carts. Plus, many of our products are equipped with WISTAR®, the ultimate end-to-end waste management software solution for assembly and distribution, equipment tracking, service verification, operational planning, and fleet services.
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