RF Picking

RF Picking

RF Picking creates a mobile dialog with your employees

RF Picking (Radio frequency picking) is suitable for manual picking and represents the ideal solution if you are looking for a way of efficiently guiding and managing your employees in the warehouse.

Mobile user interfaces (MUI) enable you to exchange data wirelessly between individual end devices. Our system utilizes hardware-independent user dialogs. RF Picking can be implemented as a stand-alone solution or connected online with your system. Broadband radio (spread spectrum) enables both hand-held terminals and fixed stacker terminals to be networked with a central server.

The mobile UIM is an outstanding efficiency solution for use in a diverse range of tasks:

  • Incoming goods registration

  • Picking

  • Stock-taking

  • Stacker control systems

  • Loading checks

Comprehensive expertise

In addition to technology, SSI SCHAEFER also provides the logistics software along with the complete connection to your storage system. As an intralogistics specialist, we have gained in-depth experience from a vast number of large-scale and small-scale projects over many years. We always focus on our customers’ requirements and on the goal of delivering a complete system that makes your warehouse more efficient and your company more successful.


Online everywhere with our portable radio frequency terminal

Our RF terminal is connected to a ring scanner and your picking employees simply wear the device on their arm. This enables them to receive job instructions anywhere, read the order data directly on the display, and then confirm completion via the RF terminal. The information is transferred wirelessly to the line computer via an access point.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Easy, rapid, and safe picking via radio terminals

  • Manual picking

  • Integrated scanner

  • Reduces manual entries

  • Reduces picking errors

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