Mobile Racking ESX

Mobile pallet racks

Flexible racking system for large and heavy goods 

SSI SCHAEFER’s mobile racks are the ideal solution if you intend to store large or heavy goods. Capable of supporting heavy loads, they are also an exceptionally compact storage solution. Every SSI SCHAEFER mobile rack system is equipped with a modern control system. The modular concept enables you to create the perfect system for your individual requirements. By reorganizing the rack aisles into areas for logistics and other functions, mobile racks create new space in the space and efficiently optimize your storage capabilities.

Ideal for deep-freeze usage

The combination of SSI SCHAEFER’s mobile racks with conveying systems expertise, powerful electric drives, and effective system configurations makes our solutions the first choice for deep-freeze warehouses.

Their compact nature and the resultant dense storage medium means that significantly less ‘fresh air’ needs to be temperature-controlled, thereby helping to considerably reduce overhead costs.

Safe and accident-free work

The mobile pallet racks are equipped with emergency stop switches, photoelectric access barriers, manual release systems, proximity sensors as well as photoelectric safety barriers. As a consequence, our mobile rack solutions make an important contribution to the perfectly-functioning and accident-free working environment in your warehouse.

Clever control systems

Every SSI SCHAEFER mobile rack system is equipped with a modern programmable logic controller (PLC) with integrated safety features. The modular concept enables you to create the perfect system for your individual wants and needs. 


Storing pallets and long items

The modular concept enables you to create the perfect system for your individual wants and needs.

Flexible rack systems for pallets and long item

Mobile Racking System ESX
  • Increases storage capacity by more than 90%

  • Modular design

  • Reduced operating and real estate costs through the system’s outstanding space utilization (surface area utilization of more than 80%)

  • Energy efficiency

  • Direct access to the pallet slots prevents unnecessary and time-consuming relocations

  • High throughput thanks to intelligent storage strategies

  • Suitable for use in deep-freeze warehouses

  • Earthquake-proof design


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The Mobile Racking System is a system where racks are built on a mobile base and guided by rails on the floor. Driven by an electrical motor, the mobile base move along the rails to open one or more access aisle.  

The Mobile Racking System is a high-density storage system, by tapping into the vertical volumetric space, it reduces the warehouse footprint by 45% yet increases the storage capacity by up to 85%. Warehouse owners save on the total building cost of a new warehouse with a faster return of investment.

If your warehouse storage system capacity is full and you have no plans to move into a bigger warehouse, the mobile racking system is an ideal solution to invest in. It can be retrofitted into the existing floor area, thus increasing the storage capacity by up 85%.

The Mobile Racking System could be the next step into a semi-automated warehouse with minimum investment. The Mobile Racking System allows integration between a warehouse management software (such as the SSI SCHAEFER WAMAS® Go), and an Automated Guided Vehicle, it will reduce the warehouse operation cost eventually.

  1. A mobile racking system is part of a semi-automated process in a warehouse. The benefits:

    1. i. Maximize the storage capacity

    2. ii. Access the inventories easily (100% selectivity)

    3. iii. Reduce electricity consumption due to the smart lighting control option

    4. iv. Pre-set order picking options available

    5. v. Low maintenance and servicing required

    6. vi. Night parking options to enable excellent cold air flow circulation (Cold store operation)

    7. vii. Operate in temperature up to -30 Degree Celsius.

We recommend servicing the Mobile Racking System at least two times a year. Our SSI SCHAEFER team of certified technicians is available 24/7 for support and maintenance.

No, with the recommended preventive maintenance schedule, the Mobile Racking System is one of the lower maintenance systems for a warehouse semi-automated solution.

In an unprecedented situation like a power outage, we encourage our customers to regard safety as their priority. If there is no back-up power generator or a UPS in place, please contact our technician immediately. The SSI SCHAEFER team of certified technicians is available 24/7 for support and maintenance.


Brochure Mobile Racking

Brochure Mobile Racking

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